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A handle makes it possible to carry it with your teapot inside. So you can have tea where ever you want, even outside in the garden. With insulation filled material for good heat retention. Holds teapots of max. By the way, want to keep the ice tea cool, that will work as well of course.

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Items 1 to 10 of 54 total Show 5 10 15 20 Tea cosy with clip: Batik Dedicated Purple Bells pattern Traditional design tea cosy in stylized batik purple bell pattern. Learn More.

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Tea cosy with clip: Blue Classic pattern Traditional design tea cosy with pattern that shows a romantic scene in blue on white fabric. Tea cosy with clip: Blue Classic Reverse pattern Traditional tea cosy with oriental white on blue fabric. It is with clip fastener and carry handle. Well padded to keep your tea hot.

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Tea cosy with clip: Bruxelles Black pattern This tea cosy is made in a large checkered black and white pattern Learn More. Tea cosy with clip: Bruxelles Blue pattern This tea cosy is made in a large checkered blue and white pattern Learn More. Tea cosy with clip: Bruxelles Ecru pattern This tea cosy is made in a large checkered ecru and black pattern Learn More.

Sometimes, if the tea is served in a restaurant or in a hotel, the teapot is covered with a tea cosy that has a metal exterior to protect the inner fabric of the cosy from wear and tear and also to further improve the insulation of the teapot.

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A special tea cosy is the so-called tea lugger, which enables the hot teapot to be carried around easily. Tea cosies may sometimes be made in matching sets with items such as tablecloths , oven gloves , or aprons. Cloth tea-cosies may be embroidered , perhaps to complement a fine set of china. Some have been made with hidden pockets to be filled with fragrant herbs or flowers , similar to a potpourri.

Although the history of the tea cosy may begin when tea was introduced to Britain in the s, the first documented use of a tea cosy in Britain was in With all the chatter at teatime the teapot would get cold, which would have at times cut short some tea parties. And so, the tea cosy came about.

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Tea cosies then flourished during the late 19th century, where they appeared in many households across Britain, motivated by the obsession of decorating and covering objects characteristic of the Victorian era. Tea cosies started to be used in North America in the same period.

Newspapers of the time reveal that tea cosies enjoyed "a sudden and unexpected rise in public favor" among women who hosted tea parties. Make the covering large enough for your teapot and provide a ring at the top to lift it off with. In James Joyce 's short story "An Encounter", Joe Dillon wears a tea-cosy on his head when playing the part of an Indian in his backyard.

Tea cosy needlework art is captured by a collection of the Norfolk Museums and Archeology Service on contemporary British artists and artisans. In the Harry Potter series, the house elf Dobby wears a tea cosy for a hat. In the film Snatch , a tea cosy is placed over Franky Four Fingers' Benicio del Toro 's head in place of a blindfold, when he is held captive by pawnbrokers-turned-robber-abductors Vinnie Robbie Gee and Sol Lennie James. A well known quote from Scottish comedian Billy Connolly is "Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, does not try it on.

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She has won a number of awards for her cosies. In the episode "Anne" of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy declares a desire to own a tea cosy, despite not knowing what one is. An elaborate Coral Tea Cosy, crocheted to suggest the appearance of a Coral reef.