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The central question is how we create learning systems and use technology to harness medical knowledge and reach, treat, and sustain engagement with patients so they get the best possible care wherever they live. Real-world opportunities are numerous — such as connecting health care workers to the wider network of medical evidence — while e-health, smartphone-compatible devices, and remote surgeries are emerging to help improve service delivery. But despite the promise, the connection between technology and operational impact on the ground has often been missing.

Technology and data provision are merely enablers: people need to be convinced to get engaged and understand how to use them. If progress is to be made on Sustainable Development Goal targets such as universal health coverage, leaders and staff alike need to be empowered on the ground with the information and tools needed to serve their populations. Each has specific needs with a requirement for technology solutions that help solve challenges.

This calls for a different approach. Data in and of itself is not inherently useful, it needs to be coupled with clear recommendations and steps for action to guide real impact. Reinforcing existing practices will not bring the kind of change needed, Kalton explained. Although this type of evaluation is important, the real game changer will be the use of data to become prescriptive, developing and pushing actions, and triggering workflows constructed from proven guidance to health care workers.

Vantage platform: Beyond data. BroadReach uses Vantage, an intelligent operating system for both governmental and nongovernmental bodies that can be accessed over computers, tablets, and mobile phones, to more effectively manage large-scale health care programs. It goes far beyond just offering analytics and dashboards to generate recommendations for medical workers in real time and measure their impact on outcomes. The system can deliver those recommendations via several channels, including email, Skype and a mobile app with future interactive chatbot functionality.

The company is now moving into a large-scale implementation this quarter in South Africa and plans to run it with multiple customers at scale, with the impact on patient and program outcomes to be assessed throughout Kalton said BroadReach and its team of consultants, for example, work with clients to implement a solution that can empower the health system to make better decisions that will lead to actions.

For real impact, he said, these actions need to be implemented across the health care system in a replicable way. He added that while Vantage itself uses complex analytics to extract maximum value from data, it also allows simple engagement with medical workers to help give the best possible treatment to patients. She believes systems that aid human resources could be key to helping give health workers and facilities their daily targets and monitor whether they are meeting them.

Vietnam Investment These trends are, in turn, affected by economic, social, cultural and political developments. Kim Dental is one of the few private healthcare services companies in Vietnam that has managed to build a network of 8 dental clinics and 1 cosmetic surgery hospital. View all our vacancies now with new jobs added daily! Until , compulsory education in Vietnam ended with the completion of elementary education at the age of eleven grade 5 — an early age by international standards. Vietnam recorded the highest growth in obesity in Southeast Asia in , but it had the lowest rate of obese people, Fitch says.

OMRON has encouraged the use of nebulizers to treat asthma patients, and our low-frequency therapy equipment help people ease their neck and back Health care in Vietnam is strengthened by national health care programmes, such as Vietnam National Tuberculosis Control Programme NTP , provided for treating tuberculosis, a widespread disease in Vietnam.

As the healthcare industry evolves, pressures to improve patient outcomes, drive efficiencies and reduce costs continues to rise. This is especially true when looking at the Asia-Pacific. Attention A T users. Firsthand testimony from government officials and industry leaders on healthcare policy in the APAC region and around the world, and future market trends IQVIA Vietnam provides biopharmaceutical and other healthcare clients with a full range of services and solutions to improve their probability of success.

We invest strategically where our commitment and knowledge can most effectively create value for our business partners. Office No. More than just insurance. Travellers tend to worry about contracting infectious diseases in Vietnam, but serious illnesses are rare. Hospital Care From the pharmacy to the bedside, we support you and your healthcare providers with IV medications and infusion technologies designed with safety in mind. Topic 3.


While in Da Nang, U. In addition to an overview of the total healthcare market, it presents detailed analyses of current trends, market sizes, revenue forecasts, and drivers and restraints for the hospital private and public market, and for the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Bayer is represented throughout the world. Learn what its like to work for Pacific Healthcare Philippines Inc. Apr 23, Medical treatment during traveling can be perplexing. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.

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Pacific Bridge Medical can assist Western medical device and pharmaceutical companies in choosing the most efficient business and regulatory strategies for their medical products in Vietnam. Air Force Capt. Cut off by US-led trade embargos and denied reconstruction aid, it plunged into poverty. With an estimated This year, we are hosting 5 co-located conferences over 2 days from April , bringing together the entire healthcare eco system over a week of site tours, networking receptions, and industry partnering opportunities.

We care for people with chronic kidney failure, of whom around 3. Its economic policies have grown increasingly capitalist. Olympus Medical Systems Vietnam Co. Kim aims to become the leading player in the local dental market by offering one-stop shop model couple with superior customer service and well-equipped clinics. Informa Markets - Healthcare, in charge of the healthcare portfolio within Informa's Global Exhibitions division, organises several exhibitions yearly covering the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and US market, connecting more than , healthcare professionals worldwide and offering a range of marketing solutions for companies involved with the Healthcare Hospitals With patients and visitors arriving at your facilities every second, it is wise to have a cohesive security strategy.

Vietnam hopes to contain the HIV infection rate at the current official rate of 0.

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About Informa Markets - Healthcare. The standards for patient care and medical services in Vietnam may differ from your home country. You're using an old version of Internet Explorer. Omron Healthcare Manufacturing Vietnam In December of , our new production base was established in Vietnam, with plans to gradually increase the number of items produced, and an overall goal of boosting monthly production capacity for home-use blood pressure monitors to , units by Insurance is a must for Vietnam, as the cost of major medical treatment is prohibitive.

Please note that if you submit information to Merz all materials submitted by electronic or physical communication will be deemed non-confidential. As a healthcare provider, you require absolute accurate identification of patients, medications, specimens, treatments, lab results and records so as to ensure the safety of your patients.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is one of the world's four remaining single-party socialist states officially espousing communism. Pacific Healthcare Group was founded in by the late Frits Buhrman. Are the doctors in Da Nang quality enough to effectively diagnose and treat this condition? With increasing longevity, the pace of increase in numbers of the oldest old aged 80 years and older in Southeast Asia is projected to exceed that of East Asia over the period — Starting in, Thailand, Pacific Healthcare helps business partners and customers attain their full potential in pharmaceutical markets through its best in class agency services Vietnam is the most complex country in Asia Pacific for Accounting and Tax compliance — just beating its giant and complex neighbour, China - according to TMF Group's inaugural Financial Complexity Index Vietnam has completed all bilateral negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP free trade agreement, but has not yet ratified the agreement.

Our mission is to deliver the best clinical outcomes in the most effective, efficient and caring environment. Information can be found here about all the Bayer sites together with contact data for the various countries. Nov 13, Investment firm Columbia Pacific Management is considering selling one about 30 hospitals and clinics across India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, The region's health-care industry is expected to grow Now its economy Healthcare digitization is still often perceived as being an endeavour on the level of the individual healthcare system or nation state.

An aging population affects socio-economic development and burdens the healthcare system.

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At present, most Vietnamese citizens have to pay for medical services themselves at both private and public hospitals. OpenGov is a content platform, dedicated to sharing ICT-related knowledge and information between governments. Tropical for the clinic. Getz Healthcare is the leading Medtech distributor in Asia-Pacific. Demand for healthcare services will continue to grow in Asia-Pacific APAC under the influence of demographic and epidemiological transitions impacting the entire region. The commemorative event will be held on March 29 beginning at a. Asia Pacific healthcare 3D printing market is projected to witness robust growth during the forthcoming years owing to increasing number of accidents and trauma cases in the region.

June Health issues and the quality of medical facilities vary enormously depending on where you are in Vietnam. Forward Looking Stories Fujifilm innovation has always driven the company forward. Healthcare Asia Pacific is an uncommon event proposed for specialists to support the dispersal and utilization of research disclosures on Healthcare. Pacific Holdings aspire to transform Vietnam healthcare industry through our extensive network of clinics across multiple concepts.

Pacific Cross provides peace of mind. The latest, most advanced developments in healthcare are often created in small to medium sized companies with excellent clinical technical experts though limited resources to address global markets. The major projects we have delivered in Vietnam span the residential, hospitality, industrial, healthcare and retail sectors, but in response to demand we have been primarily involved in mixed-use developments.

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Ensure a comfortable presentation today! We tabulated health and nutrition outcomes and intervention coverage by stratifying variable, for example under-five mortality by wealth quintile and immunization coverage for the seven regions. We calculated ratios for health and nutrition outcomes and intervention coverage, such as poorest vs.

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  • These measures of inequality provide a broad descriptive analysis of inequalities in MNCH. However, while tabulations and ratios are intuitive in their presentation, they have certain limitations. For example, ratios ignore patterns in the middle of the wealth and education distributions and tabulations do not shed light on variations within quintiles or education levels. A more comprehensive picture of inequality across the full distribution is provided by the concentration index CI , which is a measure of the magnitude of inequality that can be compared across time, country and region [ 41 ].

    The CI is defined as twice the area between the concentration curve and the line of equality. The index takes a negative value if it lies above the line of equality, which indicates a disproportionate concentration of the variable among the poor.

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    If the CI of mortality is negative it means that mortality is higher among the poor. It takes a positive value if it lies below the line of equality, indicating that the variable is disproportionately concentrated among the rich. If the CI for immunization is positive, it means that the rich benefit from higher coverage of this intervention.


    The CI requires data that can be ranked in a meaningful way. This requirement holds for measures of living standards, such as the wealth index, and education levels, but there is no way to meaningfully rank individuals or households by ethnicity, geography, or gender. We were therefore limited in generating concentration indices for health and nutrition outcomes and intervention coverage indicators for the living standard and education stratifying variables.

    To examine trends in inequality over time, we tested the null hypothesis that there was no change between and The mean infant mortality rate IMR decreased from Similar inequalities were identified for the IMR. The largest reductions for both IMR and U5MR in — were recorded in the richest and poorest quintiles; the middle quintiles recorded smaller reductions. Under-five mortality rates in Vietnam — number of deaths of children less than five years of age per 1, live births.

    The CI confirmed the living standards inequalities identified through tabulations and ratios. In , the U5MR for children whose mother had no education was In , the U5MR of ethnic majority and minorities groups were This inequality increased slightly over time; in the ratio was 2.