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We consulted with industry and consumers about a new food labelling system and undertook market research [1. Our findings showed strong support for a new food labelling system. Consumers called for greater clarity about where their food comes from. We commissioned a report into the potential for digital food labelling in Australia.

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This would enable businesses to provide digital food product information to their consumers and share information with other businesses in their supply chains. The report looked at work underway in Australia and overseas to develop web-based data sources, ledgers, apps and interactive supermarket displays. Contact us if you would like to view the report.

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The Minister led a working group to consider whether origin labelling should be extended to seafood sold in foodservice. A working group paper and addendum informed discussions.

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The government is considering outcomes from the consultation. Do you have a question? Check if there's a contact phone number or email on this page, if not, please use the main contact us.

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Home Regulations and standards Country of origin food labels. Smaller text Reset text size Larger text. Main content area. Requirements and tools for business If you sell food in retail stores in Australia, you will need to consider if your products need country of origin food labels.

Requirements for country of origin marking on goods imported into the U.S.

As you will see from the ruling, parts of a motor were imported into Mexico for assembly. So, in short, the product had to be marked to indicate that it was of Mexican origin, but the importer had to pay the Section duty applicable to Chinese-origin articles. This ruling highlights a few important points. First, while the traditional substantial transformation test and the NAFTA Marking Rules are meant to embody the same origin principles, they do not always produce the same result due to the different nature of the tests i.

Second, for purposes of section , the traditional substantial transformation test must be used even if the goods are imported from an FTA-partner country e.