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Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius, First published by Cassell.

Billy Bunter (part 1 of 3)

Billy Bunter's Beanfeast, Billy Bunter's Brainwave, Billy Bunter's First Case, Billy Bunter the Bold, Bunter Does His Best, Billy Bunter's Double, Backing Up Billy Bunter, Lord Billy Bunter, The Banishing of Billy Bunter, Billy Bunter's Bolt, Billy Bunter Afloat, Billy Bunter's Bargain, Billy Bunter the Hiker, Used Not specified Please provide a valid price range.

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Show only see all Show only. Free postage. Completed listings. Sold listings. More refinements Other publishers include Quiller Press Ltd re-issued and re-illistrated. Magnet issues fall into the following "eras", as determined by the covers. Greyfriars School is located in the county of Kent The south eastern corner of England. Not too surprisingly, the county of Kent also just happens to be where Frank Richards home was located!

Above is another map, presented in Magnet number , of Greyfriars locality. The text associated with it was The innumerable requests that have been received from time to time from Magnet readers for the publication of a map which will show the lie of the land around Greyfriars school, will be satisfied at last! From his own intimate acquaintance with hundreds of Mr.

Frank Richards' stories, and aided by data supplied by ourselves, he produced this detailed plan, which I think you will agree, is a very fine piece of work, and one which will repay very careful study on your part. Frank Richards' own comment is : "This map is astonishingly like my own idea of the vicinity of Greyfriars School. There is also an alternative view of the Greyfriars Locality, that you can see in detail by clicking this button.

This map drawn around seems to have been based on a drawing that appeared in , in Magnet Number That original drawing was reportedly done by H. Twyman, then an office boy on the Companion papers, who later rose to become editor of Union Jack and Detective Weekly. As you can see, the three maps don't quite agree as to the correct layout of things around Greyfriars.

It is my belief that the first map is the more accurate.

You will just have to make up your own mind as to which map, you think, is more accurate! How is Greyfriars school laid out? The following map of the school is an enlarged version of the insert on the locality map. The above plans are the floor layout of the main school building. I have modified the original drawings by naming each room on the map rather than having to look each room up by number index as on the original drawings. Press the button for details.

Billy Bunter's Christmas Party

Familiar scenes to every boy in the school. Press the button to see a few pictures taken around the school. The monks, or friars, hid themselves for a time in the crypt, and lived in the vaults between the priory and the chapel. These were in a good state of repair in those days. But somebody, for a large reward offered by the King, betrayed the monks, and brought them up before Henry, who told the friars they would be allowed to go free if they revealed the whereabouts of the far-famed Grey Friars' treasure.

But the brave old friars would not say a word, so the King had them all executed. Henry afterwards organised many search parties, but the friars had hidden the treasure securely. To this day it has not been found.

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For many years after that the monastery was allowed to go to decay. In , Edward VI restored it and opened it as a school for poor, but studious boys, whose parents could not afford to have them educated. This prospered slowly until the reign of Charles II, when a newly-erected wing and two-thirds of the original building were burnt to the ground. Fifty years later a good college was built for gentlemen's sons. In , Greyfriars, as it now stands, was started on the career it has achieved today.

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The only reminders we have of olden days are now in complete ruin. East of the cloisters there is the curious, old, ivy-covered tower surrounded by a mass of fallen pillars of masonry. This, and the shady grass-covered land around, is all that is left of the famous old monastery of the first Grey Friars. Passes out of gates are given on application to, and at the discretion of, any master or prefect. Failure to observe the times and regulations stipulated above will be reported to the Form-master of the delinquent, or, in exceptional cases, to the Headmaster.

There are many other regular characters that appear from time to time in the Magnet etc. These include characters from nearby schools. Click the button to find out more about them. Their first meeting started off with a fight on the way to Greyfriars School. This was followed by Wharton saving Nugent who falls into the River Sark just as they arrive at Greyfriars school.

The story continues as Nugent tries in vain to befriend Wharton, after Wharton saves him from the drowning. Wharton however is determined to hate Greyfriars and everyone there. In a fight with Bulstrode, Wharton brakes Bulstrode's camera, and refused to pay for it. A form disciplinary trial finds Wharton guilty and he is ordered to pay for the camera.

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He tries to run away, only to be stopped by Nugent outside the school gates at night. Wharton shakes Nugent's hand away a walks into the night Nugent runs to his aid, and is himself struck unconscious by the tramp who then runs off. Wharton tends to Nugent's wounds and they become friends, with Wharton helping Nugent back to the school.

Characters introduced in this issue include Harry Wharton, Nugent, Bulstrode captain of the form , and of course Billy Bunter himself. In the first issues Billy Bunter took a tame position, his character had yet to develop into the main character.

Meaning of "bunter" in the English dictionary

And for those of you curious to see how it all started, here is beginning part of the very first chapter of The Magnet, Volume 1 Number 1. Titled "The Making of Harry Wharton". Readers of The Magnet will be unlikely to have ever seen the last story written in , intended to be The Magnet issue , by Frank Richards.

As mentioned earlier, before the demise of The Magnet, Frank Richards had submitted 4 further stories, with a fifth being in the process of being completed. Only the beginning part of the very last story still survives. The last few paragraphs of this incomplete story are reproduced here for those of you who are curious to see how it was all left. This story was part five of a series that was never finished.

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  7. The series revolves around an ongoing feud between Harry Wharton and Hacker, with Quelch standing up for Harry Wharton. Frank Richards was born 8th August , this means that he would have been 32 years old when he first wrote the first issue for The Magnet. Assuming Billy Bunter was 15 years old when The Magnet first appeared, then he should be around years old today assuming he is still alive!

    If Billy Bunter was 15 years old when the last copy of The Magnet hit the street, then he should be around 75 years old today. It's a private collection. If you wrote and made arrangements in advance you might get shown some stuff, but you can't just drop in.

    There is another museum reportedly located at Kingsgate Castle. I have no other details. It is estimated that Frank Richards wrote 72 million words in 7, stories. The first issue of The Magnet has the Remove doing German classes. Bulstrode is the class bully and also the form captain. Billy Bunter never seemed to have funds, and yet managed plenty of world travel. Places he has visited include Billy Bunter is well known for his common sayings But did you know that in the beginning his most common saying was "I'm sincerely sorry Some topics seemed to be "taboo" in The Magnet.

    One never heard any swear words, nor did anyone ever have need to use the toilet!